How to Use Slip Lead Dog Leash in the Correct Way

The Slip Lead Dog Leash is a collar-and-lead combination. Sometimes it is also referred to as a training lead or a British style slip lead.

This type of lead looks just like a standard lead, however there is a collar or loop attached to the end of the lead which you place around your dog’s neck. Slip leads adjust to the size of any dog’s neck and make it impossible for dogs to back out of them. Slip leads gently tighten under tension and quickly loosen again once tension is gone.

For this reason, it’s a great leash for obedience training, for dogs who are still having problems on their walk or who may get distracted easily. It is also a very effective tool for walking powerful pullers.

Good slip leads are comfortable for both you and your dog, tighten and loosen smoothly, and have a leather stopper to prevent the collar part of the lead from loosening too much. This is to ensure that your dog is fastened in safely, so they cannot break from the collar and run free, and to ensure that you have control whilst out walking.

Safety first: anti-choke feature is a must

Slip leads have been quite a polarizing topic in the dog training world. For a long time slip leads have been considered as potentially harmful to the dog.

Slip lead with anti-choke buckle

It is because without anti-choke buckle a slip lead behaves very similar to a choke chain, the collar part can tighten without limit, so there is potential for choking the dog.

Therefore, it is vital that when considering a slip lead dog leash, you must choose the one with an anti-choke buckle. The anti-choke buckle or a clasp or a ring is a nifty little feature allowing you to set the collar part of the leash at the correct size to fit dog’s neck so that the

Slip lead without anti-choke buckle

leash could get too tight around dog’s neck and cause choking.

You can adjust the buckle so that your dog won’t be able to slip out of it, but not so much that the leash could get too tight around dog’s neck and cause choking.

When using an anti-choke slip lead you still have all the benefits of a slip lead, but without the risk of harming your dog.

Video tutorial about using MOJODOG slip lead dog leash

We have created a short unboxing and instructional video, how to adjust and use our slip lead dog leash.

Video tutorial how to use a slip lead on the dog

Pack Leader Dogs has created a detailed video about how to use a slip lead on the dog in the correct way. Enjoy!

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